Doing the Hard Work

Many of Trump’s supporters look to him as a role model; they see his rise to success as reason enough to follow his example. It seems to give them permission to stop having to be nice.

Many people these days feel justified in no longer struggling with the hard work of life…things like recycling, cleaning up after themselves, being polite, putting others first, being honest, kind, fair, faithful to your spouse, sharing what you have, obeying the 10 Commandments, loving one another…especially one’s enemies.

None of this behavior is easy; if it were, God would not have had to bring if up to Moses…much less make it law. Even today, most people would not do the hard things in life without the rule of law.

Trump supporters are going to find…if they haven’t already…that Trump’s way of doing things is not going to work for them because they don’t live in the White House.

When these regular people realize they’ve made a mistake being bullies and jack-asses to friends, family, business associates, employees, and strangers, they are going to (hopefully) change their ways.

The hard work for the rest of us is going to be loving them unconditionally when they do.


(I borrowed this less-than-attractive image of Trump from the internet.  I believe it belongs to Reuters. )

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