In the spirit of Mercury in Retrograde, I am resuming my practice of blogging.

This morning. I am reflecting on an insight found in a book gifted to me m=by the author many years ago; Madeleine Kay, in her book, Living Serendipitously…Keeping the Wonder Alive,  quotes Leo Buscaglia as saying that most of us are deniers of ourselves.  Madeleine relates a story about a young couple who had pinched pennies to the point of becoming “professionally poor.” and finally said “Enough! already.”

Madeleine says we need to send our psyches a message that our lives are full and abundant and that we are worth it.  Simple truths and easily applied to specific situations.

In that spirit, I am sending my psyche the message that in spite of my bank account and current financial outlook, I am rich:  I live a retreat lifestyle in natural beauty reminiscent of a resort, with time to reflect.  All kinds of “re-” words come to mind: repast, recollect, reside, restore, remind, retrieve, recreate, …

I am blessed.  I am rich in the earthly gifts that I love best: water, trees, birds, breezes, clouds, sunsets, sunrises, ferns, critters, … on and on.

I choose this.

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