August morning

The woods are sparkling With yesterday’s rain. Silver And deep emerald shades. Clouds move in, and silver Fades, replaced With russet red and crimson, With tangerine and lime. Lines of charcoal black. The bird feeder hangs empty, Reminding me There are things to do. The woods are sparkling with yesterday’s rain Deep shades of Emerald and Silver. Clouds move in and silver fades Allowing other … Continue reading August morning


In the spirit of Mercury in Retrograde, I am resuming my practice of blogging. This morning. I am reflecting on an insight found in a book gifted to me m=by the author many years ago; Madeleine Kay, in her book, Living Serendipitously…Keeping the Wonder Alive,  quotes Leo Buscaglia as saying that most of us are deniers of ourselves.  Madeleine relates a story about a young … Continue reading Resuming

It’s been a while; I hope you’ve been well.

Nearly two years ago, I posted what ended up being the final article on the original The View from 5022.  Soon after, I got hacked…badly…, got fed up with all the struggles, and requested that all my blogs be deleted.  I canceled my internet, email, and phone service.  When I did, I also lost proof of  ‘ownership’ of the blog (which did not get deleted.)  … Continue reading It’s been a while; I hope you’ve been well.